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Complete Aerosol Repair Kit - KIT-2---Eagle Eye Paint Supply
Complete Aerosol Repair Kit
Sale price$84.37 Regular price$93.75
Complete Bumper Repair Kit - KIT-4---Eagle Eye Paint Supply
Complete Bumper Repair Kit
Sale price$114.07 Regular price$126.75
Complete Quart Prep, Prime, and Clear Kit - KIT-3---Eagle Eye Paint Supply
Complete Quart Prep, Prime, and Clear Kit
Sale price$197.07 Regular price$218.97
Essentials Aerosol Repair Kit - ---Eagle Eye Paint Supply
Essentials Aerosol Repair Kit
Sale price$53.43 Regular price$59.37

Use Spot Blender for Seamless Clear Coat Transitions on Your Repairs

The Spraymax 3680093 Spot Blender Spray is the professionals choice for blending the new clear coat into the old clear coat during the spot repair process. Simply apply several light coats across the new/old transition area immediately after applying the clear coat. After it dries buff the area out to achieve a seamless transition that will make it look like the repair never happened.

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Spraymax 3680093 spot blender aerosol for blending clear coat repairs