We want you to be satisfied with your paint purchase so we offer our color match guarantee.  We guarantee that our paint will be an excellent blendable match for your OEM paint code. If you have any issues with your paint match we are here to help.  Before contacting us please read the guide below for a full understanding of color blending and matching.

A blendable match is designed to match the original OEM color of your vehicle as close as possible, but it will not be an exact match.  Following the proper repair procedure by blending our paint into your existing paint will ensure that the difference will not be visible to the naked eye. Without blending, you will end up with a visible difference in color or sheen similar to the photo below. As you can see the refinished panel on the right is darker than the original car paint on the left.

Example of car paint mismatch not blended into panel properly


It is important to understand that not all paints match.  As vehicles are produced by any OEM there are slight color variances depending on which batch of paint was used, which paint manufacturer was used, the spray gun settings, gun pressure, even which paint line your car was produced on.  There can be up to 6 or 8 color variances for any one paint code! Some are lighter, some have more yellow or blue tint, and some have a coarser metallic.  A well trained eye can spot these differences in the proper light.

In some instances the area you are repairing has already been re-painted by another shop and you wouldn't even know it.  This can lead to color mismatches to the OEM paint, and makes color blending even more important.

Color matching is a science, and takes many years of training to perfect. An exact match to any OEM color can only be achieved by a professional with a color matching camera or color chips and a trained eye.  

We hope this helps you understand how color matching works and the importance of blending your paint during the repair process.  For a full tutorial on how to touch up your car or truck read our Guide to Car Paint Repair.